Rules for Registration

KVW Meerhoven this year: Monday 30 August to Wednesday 1 September 2021    
(Traditionally in the last week of the summer vacation) 

Who can participate? 

  • All children who live in Meerhoven and / or attend school in groups 1 to 8.  
  • Children who are 4 years or older on 15 March 2021 
  • If you register for KVW Meerhoven 2021, we expect that an adult (16+) per participating family will come to help for at least one day during the KVW. 
  • Everyone who is registered on time, has paid and meets our conditions is welcome to participate KVW Meerhoven 2021. 

The registration procedure: 

  • Registration for the KVW 2021 starts on Wednesday, March 31, 2021 at 0.00 via the registration form on the KVW website and closes on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 at 23.59. You therefore have two weeks to register. After this you can no longer register your child. 
  • Registration takes place in 2 steps this year: 

1. Registration via short form on the website in English or Dutch. 
2. After registration, you will receive an email with a payment option and an extensive questionnaire. You will receive this email no later than April 26, 2021. This year, payment will be made digitally via our website. The questionnaire contains questions such as: with whom would your child want to be in a group? What is the shirt size? etc. 

Payment and filling in of the questionnaire must be completed before May 2, 2021. 

  • The registration of your child is only final after payment of € 25 per participating child and completion of the extensive questionnaire. 
  • KVW Meerhoven reserves the right at all times to cancel KVW Meerhoven due to the Dutch measures against coronavirus. You are of course entitled to a refund of your money. 
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