General Regulations

The organization of KVW Meerhoven has drawn up a number of rules to make the KVW run as smoothly and pleasantly as possible: 

For safety reasons, it is mandatory for everyone to wear closed and sturdy shoes during the KVW. We work with wood and nails around the huts, and it is also possible that we leave the KVW site. 

Safety of the children 
Make sure the children are well prepared. When the weather is hot, sunscreen is necessary (please apply the sunscreen beforehand). Provide rain gear if rain is forecast. Make sure that the children wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty! 

First Aid 
First aid is available every day. During activities at alternative locations a first aid worker is also present. Before the start of the event, it will be checked which volunteers have first aid. These volunteers are called upon to provide (extra) support in case of calamities. 

We assume that we treat each other with respect. Bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated! If this rule is not observed or if disruptive or dangerous behavior occurs, we are obliged to inform the parents about this. We reserve the right to immediately deny a child further participation in the KVW in case of serious misconduct. 

Registration fee 
The registration fee is used for the activities, materials and snacks. As a result, it is not possible to refund the registration fee if your child cannot participate or is excluded from participation. For more information about this, please contact the organization. 

Photos and film 
By participating in the KVW you give us permission to publish the photos and videos taken during the week on our website, social media pages or in the newspaper. If you do not agree with this, participation is not possible. 

The groups are composed with care. No changes will be made. This applies to both the children and the volunteers. In some rare cases the organization can decide to make changes. At all times, this remains the responsibility of the organization. 

When your child is not able to come, please let us know as soon as possible and no later than one hour before the start of the activities. This can be done via the emergency number. Make sure you also mention the group number (or groupsign) of your child(ren). If you are scheduled as a volunteer and have to cancel, we expect you to arrange replacement yourself. 

Volunteer work as a parent / caregiver 
During the registration you have to indicated your preference during your volunteer day. The organization will always try to take this into account. The organization strives for the most balanced distribution of the available volunteers across the groups and activities. It is therefore possible that your preference cannot be met.  Please note: it is mandatory to come and help for a day (by yourself or another adult). If this is not possible, you will unfortunately not be able to register your child. Without these volunteers we would not be able to complete the organization on the days themselves.

Canceled during the event 
In unforeseen circumstances, including extreme weather, the organization can take the decision to cancel all or part of the KVW. Information about this will be shared via our website and social media. 

The KVW organization and the volunteers are not jointly and severally liable for lost property and any damage suffered during the KVW. For cases in which, according to the applicable legal standards, an appeal can be made to the legal liability of the KVW, the organization has a third-party insurance with which a claim for damages can be honored in accordance with the applicable policy conditions. 

Lost and found 
Lost property can be returned or collected at the information desk in the tent. 

Emergency telephone number 
If a situation arises that requires immediate action from the organization, you can call our emergency number. 

During registration of your child (ren) you are able to indicate whether there are any allergies. In case that there are, the organization will contact you before the start of KVW Meerhoven. Children with an allergy will receive a wristband when entering the KVW site, and their allergy is further described in the group folder. This way, the group leader of that day knows that he / she has to pay extra attention. In case of very serious allergies or concerns about this, you can also contact the catering committee in advance via our general e-mail address. You can discuss with them what food is being handed out and whether it poses a danger for your child(ren). If necessary, they can search for a suitable alternative with you. 

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